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No Limit Curriculum

Focused on developing 10 life skills recommended by World Health Organization (WHO)

Partnership with Stanford University

The only school in India to have a partnership on pedagogical strategies

1:10 Teacher Student Ratio

To ensure each child gets personalized attention

Indoor And Outdoor Sports Facilities

Football, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis,Badminton,Basketball,Cricket,Swimming,Skating And Yoga

Extended Day Facilities

Experience the PEP [Pragyanam Enrichment Program] with a deep dive into theatre , visual art, dance, music, reading and physical education

Continuous teachers development through Parwarish

ONLY Great educators make the school Good. Pragyanam invests heavily on educator capacity building. We pride ourselves in recruiting, training and retaining the best teachers. We also ensure their continuous profession development to benefit our students.

Head Of School

Mrs. Amita Bhardwaj

Amita is an authority in Child Development & Education with over 30 years of experience. Amita has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and ability to lead and empower large teams to perform at unprecedented levels. She is the Chief Delivery Officer at Footprints leading the team across over hundred centers.

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No Limit Curriculum

Focussed on developing 10 Life Skills recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO)

Self Awareness


Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Effective Communication

Interpersonal Relationship

Coping with Stress

Coping with Emotion

Sports Facility







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Most frequent questions and answers

What Is The Link Between Footprints And Pragyanam?

Pragyanam is a K-12 school started by the founders of Footprints. Footprints is a pan India, daycare and preschool chain. While Footprints focuses on the early years, Pragyanam offers a world-class school system for K-12 education in India.

The founders of Pragyanam are:

Purvesh Sharma: An IIT Delhi alumnus, Purvesh focuses on helping people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, as a life coach. His vision includes revolutionizing education, by creating life ready children, who grow to be happy and satisfied adults.

Raj Singhal: A father of twins and a seasoned entrepreneur Raj, is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Amongst many of his laurels is his taking a software services firm to a 10 million turn over with 350 employees and 3 countries in 10 Years. He is passionate about transforming Indian Education Sector. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Footprints Childcare, he yearns towards creating world-class education facilities in India.

Ashish Aggarwal: He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta and the father of an 11-year old. Ashish firmly believes that the Indian education system is long due for a transformation and our schools need to play a significant role in creating mature and wise individuals, who can happily take on any challenges life throws at them.

What Is Different About Pragyanam?

The learning approach at Pragyanam aims to create effective lifelong learners that are comfortable with their own selves and the use of technology as it evolves. Pragyanam offers a transformational learning experience to students with the help of a robust and inventive academic curriculum called the NO LIMIT curriculum. We believe that with the 10 W.H.O life skills can make every child no limit- that is she or he will be decisive, emotionally balanced and able to live a life of fulfilment — he or she will be a no limit human being.

How Will The Curriculum Be Delivered?

There is no dearth to learning. Nature, animals, plants, natural phenomenon and people around have a lot to offer. It is all about our interface with these elements and what we make out of it. Pragyanam’s ‘No Limit Curriculum’ is an open curriculum: which uses this premise to support making the child’s experiences, richer.

A healthy mix of new and traditional methods is used to deliver our No Limit Curriculum. The focus remains on the joy of discovery, making real world connections and nurturing life skills with intention

How Are Teachers Trained To Deliver 'No Limit Curriculum'?

A rigorous 3 month training program is conducted for all teachers joining the school. The intention is to empower the teachers in knowing who they are and what is the intention of each subject. Learning to design learning outcomes and the scope and sequence in each domain of the NO Limit Curriculum is also undertaken.

What Is The Fee Structure? Any Discounts?

Admission Fees

  • INR 50,000/-

Security Deposit

  • INR 25,000/-

Quarterly Tuition Fees

  • INR 45,000/-*
  • INR 50,000/-**
  • INR 65,000/-***

Quarterly Food Fee

  • INR 8,000/-*
  • INR 9,000/-**
  • INR 9,000/-***

* Nursery / Kindergarten (8:30 am - 1:00 pm)

** Grade 1 Onwards (8:30 am - 3:30 pm)

*** School with Pragyanam Enrichment Program (8:30 am - 6:30 pm)

  • Transport available on optional basis (8:30 am / 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm)
  • Two sets of uniforms included in the fee (Winter and Summer)
  • No extra charges for excursions/sports/any other activity

All charges are published in the fee structure, we do not charge anything extra during the year.


Sibling discount – 10% – all components except transport and food.

Single Parent Discount – 10 % all components except transport and food.

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